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Gear Links

Web & Retail Outlets

Campmor—Known for their low-budget catalogs, Campmor has good deals on a wide selection of backpacking and outdoor gear. They have a complete online store.

Easy Going Travel Store—One of my favorite travel stores, with outlets in Berkeley and Walnut Creek, California—now with a full catalog online.

EMS (Eastern Mountain Sports)—Bigger in the eastern U.S. than the rest, EMS has a full range of offerings through numerous retail outlets. Their website was just an introduction as of 9/98.

Magellan's—This great travel store in Santa Barbara, CA is also an excellent online outlet for travel gear of all sorts.

REI (Recreational Equipment Incorporated)—Perhaps the king of all gear stores, REI carries a wide range of travel packs, regular packs, bags, clothes, footwear, accessories and more.

Travelsmith—If you're looking for a travel clothing and accessories line targeted to comfort travel rather than budget/backpack, look here.

Walkabout Travel Gear—Walkabout is the gear affiliate of Hostels.com. Their offerings include packs, sheet sacks, water filters, safety Items, tools, and much more. Great prices too!


Eagle Creek—The biggest maker of travel packs and luggage, as well as a variety of accessories. While Eagle Creek has traditionally served the 'general' travel, but in the last few years has come out with a standard-setting line of convertible backpacks. You'll find Eagle Creek packs in more retail outlets than any others.

Jandd Mountaineering—Best known for their cycling packs, Jandd has a variety of good-quality gear. I really like the top quality suspension systems on their travel packs, though the bags may require careful adjustment so they don't hang too far back from your center of gravity.

Jansport—A big pack maker with a respectable line of travel packs.

Kelty—Kelty has a good range of bags, packs and tents, as well as a dedicated travel line.

Mountain Designs—This Australian company has great designs for pack suspension. You'll have to do some research to find retail outlets for their gear, but it may be worth the work.

The North Face—The premier expedition gear maker. I think North Face tents are the best made—their 3-pole freestanding models are my favorite travel tents, starting at less than 5 pounds.

Outdoor Research—OR produces a good line of gear, including travel accessories, duffles, etc. You'll find their stuff in a variety of retail outlets.