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Contact the Author
To contact Paul Otteson, send email to:


In an effort to cut down on the spam I get, I'm not linking the email address or making it easy to cut and paste. You will need to type it in yourself.


Paul Otteson
Managing Editor/Hostels.com

The World Awaits
Read what the reviewers say:

“an inspiration to hit the highway” Chicago Tribune

"a good read" Washington Post

"superb" San Francisco Examiner Online

"it's the perfect planning book, and maybe even a better inspirational text." Student World Traveler

"An inspirational book… Not just a book of packing tips and gear guides, but a motivational tool for why we travel" Orange County Register

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The Author
Paul Otteson is the Editor AlaskaJourney.com, and the author of guidebooks on Alaska, San Francisco and Northern California. Click HERE for more information on his books.