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The World Awaits

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The World Awaits:
How to Travel Far and Well
Paul Otteson
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The World Awaits is a rich resource for those planning independent travel. It is written with the idea that a well designed journey can transform the traveler. It reveals the importance of spontaneity and inspiration and shows how to build them into a trip. It explores the true meaning of the "beaten path" and how best to avoid it. It teaches how our preconceptions of the world can diminish the travel experience and offers an alternative.

Part 1 of the book explores the art of traveling wisely and well. Part 2 examines all areas of preparation, including route planning, gear selection, passport and visas, budgeting, shots, transportation, etc. Part 3 looks in detail at life on the road, from laundry to the language 'barrier'.

Also featured is the Ultralight Handbook for the Road, containing condensed info on every country in the world. Included is data on population density, average income, visas, shots, weather, embassies, water quality, ATM access, and more. The Handbook can be copied or removed, providing a featherweight resource for the adventurous traveler.

For most people, the chance to travel freely is a rare, perhaps singular opportunity. "The World Awaits" will show you how to make the most of that opportunity, and to have a truly amazing trip.